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Valentine’s Fashion Finds

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and the question that pops up is what to wear that will mesmerize your date.

This mini blog is to help you pair the perfect outfit with your glasses to give you a chic yet sexy secretary look for the perfect well-rounded Valentine’s Day outfit.  And all you have to do is to do a little mix and matching of items in your closet!

Lets start with lust at first sight … the little black dress paired with a simple flash of red from your red-rimmed glasses.  Red + Black is a new spin on the traditional White + Black.  This color combination gives a pop of color, while staying subtle and classy.

Voila!  Simple little black dress, red-rimmed glasses, with red lips will give you a classy twist to the traditional pin-up girl red-lipstick style.

Stay tuned for our next Fashion Find Blog!

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