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Thought about buying circle lenses? Think again.

GEO Circle Lenses Before and After

A fashion craze that can cause eye infections

Children as well as adults are at risk for serious eye infections and possible other eye related injuries with decorative contact lenses – also known as circle lenses. These contact lenses are very popular with movie stars as well as other celebrities. Examples include the recent Twilight series, Britney Spears’ music videos, and a wide range of celebrities in Asia.

So why are people buying circle lenses? Circle contact lenses alter the look of your eye by giving the impression that your eyes are not only larger but with a unique colorful design. For these effects to work, the contact lenses are made larger than regular contact lenses which will cover the white part of the eye with tint.

The difference between the circle lenses the celebrities wear and the ones that are mainly sold online is quite simple. The ones sold over the web are mostly non-prescription contact circle lenses and the ones that celebrities wear are made especially for their eye type after a thorough contact lens examination. Not only are buying contacts without a prescription against the law, it will most likely have an adverse effect towards your vision. It is simply not safe to wear a contact lens that has not been properly fit to your eye by an eye doctor. Failure to do adhere to this rule may result in very serious eye infections that cause redness, pain, and possible permanent vision loss. Contact lenses that are not properly fitted can move around your eyes or cause extreme discomfort. This can cause a lot of scratching and damage to your cornea. For anyone who has never worn contacts in their life before, it is imperative to go see an optometrist such as Dr. Scott Lam first. Every person’s eyes are different, so don’t go sticking things in your eyes that you have absolutely no knowledge of.