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What is Pink Eye or Red Eye?

Red eye, also known as pink eye, can often sound a little scary to some; however, it is a very common eye problem that can be easily treated and prevented. The medical name for this disease is called, Conjunctivitis – meaning there is an inflammation of the thin, clear covering of the white part of[…]

The Vision Loss of Aging Adults

Nowadays, it isn’t just about the greys in your hair or the wrinkles on your skin – it’s about time that we pay attention to our vision!  Eye care professionals, like Dr. Lam at MPO, cannot stress enough on the importance of visiting your optometrist regularly for a comprehensive dilated eye exam. It is recommended[…]

Can Glasses Make You Look More Professional?

Everyone remembers the iconic TV nerd, Steve Urkel, from Family Matters.  The waist-high jeans, buttoned up plaid shirt, red suspenders, and the oh-so-popular phrase, “Did I do that?”  We might have dreaded being a nerd throughout Elementary School and High School, but nowadays, being a “nerd” is actually considered a sophisticated look.  It’s even become[…]