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How to Prevent Common Eye Infections for Contact Lens Wearers

One of the main eye infections caused by contact lenses is keratitis, which is an infection in the cornea of your eye.  According to ophthalmologist Andrew A. Dahl, keratitis is a condition that can lead to intense pain and impaired eyesight.  (Medicinenet) (*hyperlink:  The symptoms that often come with Keratitis are: Blurred Vision Irritation of the[…]

Can Glasses Make You Look More Professional?

Everyone remembers the iconic TV nerd, Steve Urkel, from Family Matters.  The waist-high jeans, buttoned up plaid shirt, red suspenders, and the oh-so-popular phrase, “Did I do that?”  We might have dreaded being a nerd throughout Elementary School and High School, but nowadays, being a “nerd” is actually considered a sophisticated look.  It’s even become[…]