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What is Pink Eye or Red Eye?

Red eye, also known as pink eye, can often sound a little scary to some; however, it is a very common eye problem that can be easily treated and prevented. The medical name for this disease is called, Conjunctivitis – meaning there is an inflammation of the thin, clear covering of the white part of[…]

The Vision Loss of Aging Adults

Nowadays, it isn’t just about the greys in your hair or the wrinkles on your skin – it’s about time that we pay attention to our vision!  Eye care professionals, like Dr. Lam at MPO, cannot stress enough on the importance of visiting your optometrist regularly for a comprehensive dilated eye exam. It is recommended[…]

How to Prevent Common Eye Infections for Contact Lens Wearers

One of the main eye infections caused by contact lenses is keratitis, which is an infection in the cornea of your eye.  According to ophthalmologist Andrew A. Dahl, keratitis is a condition that can lead to intense pain and impaired eyesight.  (Medicinenet) (*hyperlink: http://www.medicinenet.com/keratitis/article.htm)  The symptoms that often come with Keratitis are: Blurred Vision Irritation of the[…]