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How to Prevent Common Eye Infections for Contact Lens Wearers

One of the main eye infections caused by contact lenses is keratitis, which is an infection in the cornea of your eye.  According to ophthalmologist Andrew A. Dahl, keratitis is a condition that can lead to intense pain and impaired eyesight.  (Medicinenet) (*hyperlink:  The symptoms that often come with Keratitis are:

  • Blurred Vision
  • Irritation of the Eye
  • Unusual Redness
  • Pain in the Eye
  • Tearing or Discharge from the Eye
  • Sensitivity to Light/Brightness

All of these symptoms must be checked by a doctor immediately because untreated keratitis can often result in blurred vision and even blindness.

Here are a few steps you can take to prevent common eye infections, like keratitis, if you wear contacts.

  • Clean contacts equal happy eyes!
  • Avoid sleeping in contacts or wearing contacts for an extended period of time!
  • Place your contacts in clean contact solution every single day!
  • Replace  your contacts regularly!

To ensure clean contacts, carry a small contact solution in your car, in your office desk drawer, or even in your purse!  Contact lens wearers all know what it feels like to have contacts that are dry and dirty; so, always be sure to take the time to clean your contacts and protect your eyes!  Make sure to consult your eye doctor on which contact lenses are right for you and how to avoid irritation and eye infections. And as always, be sure to go in for your annual check-ups!