Contact Lens



-Do thoroughly wash and dry hands with soap and a clean towel before insertion and removal.
-Do rinse your contact lens case with hot water after each use.
-Do remove your contact lenses
-Do use protective eyewear when is recommended or required.
-Do wet lenses with saline before picking them up from a dry surface or cleaning them to prevent tearing or warpage.
-Do scrub and clean your cases every week and replace them every 6 months.

-Don’t make a habit of sleeping overnight with your contact lenses on.
-Don’t continue with contact lens wear if you have any unusual pain, redness, tearing, light sensitivity, unusual blurring which does not clear promptly, or when you suspect something is wrong.
-Don’t expose contact lenses to water during swimming or while in a hot tub as it may increase risk of eye infection from microorganisms.
-Don’t expose contact lens to fumes, smoke, or vapors that may increase chance of lens contamination.
-Do not hold a rigid gas permeable lens by the edges. Hold it at the front and back center.
-Do not slide a rigid gas permeale lens on a flat surface.