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What is the leading cause of children’s eye injury?

According to a study conducted by Brown University, children were the victims in more than half of the emergency room eye related injuries due to aerosol cans. White Aerosol Can Leades to Eye Problems

Products that utilize aerosol cans to make life smell like the morning spring air or keeping our hairdo in tact for us adults can be very hazardous for your children’s health in more ways than one. On top of potentially inhaling toxic fumes that may also provide a fresh aromatic smell to your children, they may be susceptible to play with these high compression products.

How to keep your child safe from injuries relating to aerosol cans?
1) Explain the dangers of playing with these cans
2) Keep these aerosol cans out of your child’s reach

It is important to be well informed about proper eye examinations for your children. You can find more information by reading our article about children’s vision and eye care.

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