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Eyemaginations – The Next Breakthrough in Eye Care

Have you ever heard the saying, “Doctors will become obsolete in 10 years?” The medical industry has advanced so much that it has completely changed from what it was ten years ago. Yet we still need doctors. The biggest advancement has been the flow of information from doctors to patients. Ten years ago, you would have to meet with your doctor face to face in order to diagnose and treat any medical issues. Today, however, you can research your symptoms online and try to determine an answer for yourself.  However, how accurate can the Internet be?

At MPO Eyecare, we use a remarkable program called Eyemaginations to help our patients learn about their medical conditions and treatment options with detailed images and videos.


Eyemaginations is a software development company that writes professional programs for the medical industry. One of the programs we use is Luma, which features 3D-animated visuals and an intuitive interface to present complex information to our patients in an engaging, easy-to-understand manner. Michael, a Glaucoma patient, said: “The animation was important because certain important comments were repeated a few times so it would sink in.”


We also use Echo by Eyemaginations, which is an effective organization tool that allows us to communicate with our patients and keep track of important information. With Echo, we can quickly and easily deliver educational content to our patients, who can then share the information within their own social networks. Since technology is continuously advancing, time is everything and we aim to provide efficient and attentive care.


Eyemaginations allows a client to actively view virtual images while learning the details of the doctor’s diagnosis.  For example, Melissa, a LASIK patient, said: “The fear of the unknown made me fear so long.” With patient consultation and Eyemaginations software, MPO Eyecare strives to eliminate as much of the unknown as possible along with the anxiety our patients may experience.

While robots won’t be replacing doctors anytime soon, technology will change the way you understanding your eye care. After all “knowing is half the battle!”

At MPO Eyecare, we want to ensure that our patients understand the conditions of their eyes while also providing stylish eyewear!  Call us today for more information or make an appointment online for your eye exam!