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Eye Gear for Sports

Who doesn’t love sports? The stories behind the players, the emotions tied to the team you watched as a child – for most of us, it’s a big part of life. You may be an athlete yourself or have a family member who actively participates in a sport. If so, what safety precautions are you taking to protect yourself? Aside from the typical helmet or mouthguard, there is often little done to prevent against a potentially life-debilitating eye injury. Athletes need to purchase eye guards or goggles from a sports store to protect themselves from a scratched cornea or permanent vision loss. Read the following tips to make sure you’re prepared for the field, court, or rink:

More than 600,000 eye injuries related to sports occur each year.

+ If your child is learning a new sport, protective eye gear is essential for coordination. Even if they don’t wear reading glasses, consider getting them a pair for improved development.

+ When purchasing sports eyewear, consider which lenses are appropriate for you, the cushioning around your nose and face, and getting fitted so that you feel comfortable.

+ Is your sport being played outdoors? Don’t forget to consider UV protection, your glasses need to have it to protect you against sunray blockage.

+ The type of eye protection you need is determined by your sport, this chart can give you a better idea of what’s most appropriate for you:

Sport Eye Protector
Baseball/Softball (batter and base runner) Face guard attached to helmet
Bicycling Helmet/Fashion eyewear acceptable
Boxing Not permitted in sport
Football Polycarbonate eye shield attached to helmet’s face mask
Soccer Sport goggles with polycarbonate lenses
Racquet Sports (Tennis, handball, racquetball, badminton, etc.) Sport goggles with polycarbonate lenses
Ice-Hockey Face mask on helmet, especially for goal tenders
Track and Field Polycarbonate lenses and fashion eyewear
Wrestling Custom eyewear can be made
Water Polo Swim goggles recommended

Your eyes help your effectiveness in any sport, making you a better judge of timing, coordination, and speed; protecting them is very important. If you’re still hesitant, take into account that there is a wide-variety of fashionable eyewear available to you. As always, consult your optician to help you make the right choice for your protective sports eyewear.

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