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Children and Electronics – Tips on Protecting and Promoting Healthy Eyesight for Your Children

Christmas is coming up and consumer electronics have been predicted to be the top-spending category for the holidays. With the rapid growth of technology and the age of users getting younger and younger, it’s especially important for parents to take extra care and precaution of their children’s eyesight and health along with their consumption of technology in today’s society.
Children and Electronics
Many parents worry that their children’s eyesight will worsen if they stare at electronic screens for too many hours a day. However research throughout the years have not been able to pinpoint any direct correlation between electronics and deteriorating eyesight. In fact, children reading regular books have the same chances of developing nearsightedness and other eyesight troubles as children who watch television or read from iPads or tablets. However, because electronics are more prevalent now, children are spending much more time with these gadgets therefore increasing the risks of experiencing damage to their sight. Along with that, when children are staring at screens they tend to blink less than they would doing other activities. Dry eye is one common symptom that can occur from the lack of blinking eyes and more serious conditions can follow after.

Tips for protecting and promoting healthy eyesight for your children:

  • Make a schedule: It’s not easy to do, especially for the working parents, however if possible try to come up with a schedule of time when your children are allowed to be using their electronics
  • Encourage outdoor activities: Whenever possible always try to be encouraging them to play outside, play with friends, exercise, etc
  • Adjust screen brightness and settings: If options are given on devices, make sure to adjust the settings so that they are easy on the eyes
  • Regular eye exams and checkups: Try to schedule for at least one eye exam a year to prevent eye and vision troubles

With technology quickly beginning to integrate itself into our lives and our children’s, it’s especially important now more than ever to be taking good care of our sight and vision. Children are much more susceptible than adults because their vision continues to develop throughout early and middle childhood. At MPO Eyecare we offer special Children’s Vision and Eye Care.  For more information please feel free to give us a call at (626) 573-9336