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Children and Electronics

Children and Electronics – Tips on Protecting and Promoting Healthy Eyesight for Your Children

Christmas is coming up and consumer electronics have been predicted to be the top-spending category for the holidays. With the rapid growth of technology and the age of users getting younger and younger, it’s especially important for parents to take extra care and precaution of their children’s eyesight and health along with their consumption of[…]

Can Glasses Make You Look More Professional?

Everyone remembers the iconic TV nerd, Steve Urkel, from Family Matters.  The waist-high jeans, buttoned up plaid shirt, red suspenders, and the oh-so-popular phrase, “Did I do that?”  We might have dreaded being a nerd throughout Elementary School and High School, but nowadays, being a “nerd” is actually considered a sophisticated look.  It’s even become[…]

Glasses for a Square Face

Last week we discussed the right pair of glasses for an individual with a round face.  Today, we will discuss what pairs of glasses fit best on a rectangular/square face.  Individuals with a square-shaped face have a very symmetrical face, which means that length and width are proportional.  Many individuals who have a square-shaped face[…]