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Children and Electronics

Children and Electronics – Tips on Protecting and Promoting Healthy Eyesight for Your Children

Christmas is coming up and consumer electronics have been predicted to be the top-spending category for the holidays. With the rapid growth of technology and the age of users getting younger and younger, it’s especially important for parents to take extra care and precaution of their children’s eyesight and health along with their consumption of[…]

LASIK Eye Surgery

Are you a candidate for LASIK? Questions to consider when making your decision

Sometimes wearing corrective lenses can be tedious to maintain. LASIK surgery provides individuals the opportunity to reduce and eliminate the need for corrective lenses. However the success of this procedure depends on the individual and whether he/she is a fit candidate or not. For some people, this surgery can be extremely risky to undergo. Many[…]

What Is Glaucoma?

What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma is a disease caused by abnormally high pressure inside of your eye that induces optic nerve damage. Glaucoma can usually lead to blindness but occurs gradually, so you may not notice vision loss until the later stages of the disease. Everyone is at risk for glaucoma, but some groups are more[…]