May 2012 – MPO Cares | MPO Eyecare

Glasses for a Square Face

Last week we discussed the right pair of glasses for an individual with a round face.  Today, we will discuss what pairs of glasses fit best on a rectangular/square face.  Individuals with a square-shaped face have a very symmetrical face, which means that length and width are proportional.  Many individuals who have a square-shaped face[…]

MPO Eyecare is Moving to Alhambra!

As many of you know, MPO Eyecare is in the process of moving our Optometry office to Alhambra.  Why you might ask?  Great Question.  Moving to Alhambra allows us to better serve our clients from all neighboring cities, which includes Pasadena, San Gabriel Valley, Arcadia, Monrovia, and Temple City.  We might be moving; however, MPO Eyecare has not changed who we are[…]

Glasses for a Round Face

Looking for a pair of glasses that fits your face shape?  For individuals who have a round face, rectangular frames make a round face look slimmer. Angular, geometric shapes contrast with circular curves, and so rectangular frames subtly de-emphasize the shape of a round face. It also adds definition to your face. Having a rectangular[…]

MPO Contact Lens Exam

Tired of wearing eyeglasses and thinking about getting contact lens?  Here at MPO we offer extensive contact lens exams to find the perfect contacts that are customized for your eyes. To begin, we start with determining the proper curve and size for your contact lenses with an instrument called a keratometer.  The keratometer measures a[…]

Visual Perception

Are your eyes playing tricks on you? In the following pictures do you see a vase or two faces; a young woman or an old woman? Often times what you see at first glimpse may not be completely accurate.  At MPO, we offer a visual acuity test that measures the ability of your eyes to read a[…]