April 2012 – MPO Cares | MPO Eyecare

Children’s Vision and Eye Care

Many individuals believe their eyes are in good condition!  Here at MPO, we want that to be true!  That is why we stress the importance of eye exams.  According to Boy Scouts of America, in 2009 youth between the ages of 8-18 spend about 7 hours and 38 minutes using and viewing: computers, video games, TV shows, movies, music,[…]

Free LASIK Consultation at MPO!

How many of you have gone through hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars on contacts, glasses and prescriptions? We know how expensive eye care can be and that’s why one of the top services performed at Monterey Park Optometry is LASIK consultation. At MPO, Dr. Lam is exceptionally knowledgable about LASIK surgery and will take the time to answer any[…]

A new way to see the world through a pair of glasses

A new way to see the world through a pair of glasses If you have not heard, Google is currently working on an innovative way to see the world in a different perspective.  Google calls it Project Glass.  This new integration of technology allows individuals to explore and share their world with others through a pair of glasses.  Take[…]

Children’s Eyeglasses for Boys and Girls!

It is hard enough getting children to eat fruits and vegetables, but trying to get them to wear glasses – No Way!  Now there is a painless way to get your child to enjoy wearing comfortable and fashionable glasses. Here at MPO, we provide prescription glasses that fit and feel comfortable to wear for both[…]