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Contact Lens Discomfort

A common reason for contact lens discomfort is poor fit. There are several components of contact lens design that can impact its fit, diameter of the lens and base curve.

The diameter of the contact lens is the entire width of the lens and is measured in millimeters.The base curve of the contact lens is the steepness of the curve of the contact lens that fits against the cornea.

A contact lens design with a small base curve has a steeper shape than one with a flatter base curve (an egg as compared to an orange).

When a contact lens is fit correctly onto the cornea, the lens should cover the entire cornea with only slight movement with each blink.

Should the contact lens move excessively during wear, revealing any portion of the cornea, dryness and/or irritation will occur making the lens uncomfortable to wear as wearing time increases. Should the contact lens move too little during wear, the cornea can become irritated and the eye can become red with blurred vision as the wearing time increases.A properly fit contact lens (correct diameter and base curve) should have a comfortable wearing time up to 12 hours.

Refitting the lens or adjusting the edge profile should be helpful for most patients. If even after refitting, you are unable to achieve comfortable full day wearing of your lenses, you may want to consider Laser Eye Surgery. By arranging a LASIK consultation with an experienced LASIK surgeon, you can consider LASIK Eye Surgery as a possible alternative to decreasing your dependence on glasses. At Monterey Park Optometry, a free LASIK consultation should allow you to find out if you are a LASIK candidate and have all of your LASIK questions answered.