Effective tips on how to keep your eyes healthy

Standard recommendations of professional optometrists help to preserve vision. Doctors distinguish two large groups of importance, the fulfillment of the requirements of which will be able to reduce the threat to eye health.

General recommendations

Every day, the organs of vision experience serious stress. The lack of basic hygiene leads to its gradual decrease, the development of concomitant pathologies. The list of care rules includes:

  • Eye workout

Prolonged work at the computer causes fatigue and increased dryness of the visual organs. The problem is due to the fact that at this time a person begins to blink several times less often. Experts advise to solve the problem with a little training: every 20 minutes to be distracted from the screen and for 20-30 seconds to consider objects located in the distance – more than 6 m.

The correct location of the screen plays an important role in protection. It should be at a distance of 60 cm. To prevent the light from being reflected, it is better to use an anti-glare coating.

  • Wearing sunglasses

Ultraviolet rays are recognized as harmful to both the skin and the eyes. Prolonged exposure without protective equipment can cause the development of cataracts, corneal burns, cancerous lesions of the eyelids.

To reduce the harmful effects, it is necessary to use glasses or contact lenses with a special UV filter. Special means are used not only in the bright sun in the summer heat. In winter, UV rays reach their target by reflecting off sand, water, asphalt pavement and snow.

  • Use of safety glasses

Industrial and household injuries of the visual organs occur when basic safety rules are violated. Small particles, sawdust, chemicals are potentially dangerous to the eyes and require wearing special glasses. The problem of injuries is also connected with sports training: the decision to give up equipment is often followed by a visit to the trauma center after playing basketball, volleyball, skiing or swimming in the pool.

Specialized safety glasses are equipped with lenses consisting of polycarbonate. This material can withstand 10 times more loads than conventional glass, and is characterized by high impact resistance.

  • Proper care of contact lenses

Wash your hands thoroughly before putting them on or taking them off. If the lenses are reusable and designed for daytime wear, then every evening they need to be sent to a solution for disinfection. You can not use products with an expired expiration date.

They should not be used when visiting the pool, swimming in an open pond or washed with foreign chemicals. Detailed instructions on the care of contact lenses can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Nutrition features, doctor visits and additional tips

Experts recommend following the following rules:

Changing the usual diet

There are products that have a positive effect on the circulatory system – these are greens, most citrus fruits and grains. The useful components included in them improve the work of the heart and blood vessels, the organs of vision.

To reduce the aggressive effect of ultraviolet radiation, it is necessary to introduce zinc-enriched foods into the diet: legumes, nuts, lean meats. Beta-carotene, which is important for eye health, is found in all yellow-orange products, in the human body it turns into retinol and reduces the risk of vision problems.

Useful elements are represented by lutein and zeaxanthin. They come from leafy vegetables, various greens. If it is not possible to improve the daily menu with fruits and vegetables, you can use substitutes – special multivitamin complexes.

Health and vision checks

Certain pathological processes that do not directly affect the eyes can lead to serious complications. Hypertension, diabetes mellitus cause a decrease in blood circulation in the organs of vision.

Problems with the functioning of the immune system also negatively affect their condition. In the presence of chronic diseases, it is necessary to constantly monitor their health. This rule also applies to chronic smokers – due to the constant narrowing of blood vessels, they fall into the risk group of patients with hypertension, etc.

Ophthalmologists advise to periodically attend preventive examinations – up to 2 times a year. The check is necessary not only for people with serious pathologies, but also for healthy people. Timely detection of a slowly developing disease will help to conduct adequate therapy, prevent eye complications.

If itching and redness, pain or painful sensations appear in the organs of vision, it is important to consult a doctor in time. Attempts at self-medication or the use of antihistamines will not improve the situation, but I can provoke far-reaching consequences.

Medicines and cosmetics

Certain medications lead to eye problems. Before taking any medications, you need to carefully read the instructions, especially in the place where adverse reactions are indicated. If extraneous symptoms appear during therapy (involuntary lacrimation, increased photosensitivity, dryness, impaired clarity of the picture), it is necessary to visit a doctor and indicate to him an individual response of the body.

Creams, liquid decorative cosmetics after opening quickly become a habitat for a variety of pathogens. Abroad, the maximum shelf life of cosmetics after opening is one calendar month, in local conditions these rules are strictly violated.

In stores there are products with broken packaging, which are a breeding ground for bacteria. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you need to refuse such products, and buy them tightly sealed. The same rule applies to cosmetics with an expired expiration date – it is not indicated in order to give the manufacturer money. This is a concern for the health of the buyer.

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